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We offer a full time one year primary Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) which will be school led and school based. The training programme will be organised by the SCITT Director in collaboration with the University of Roehampton.


The programme will comprise of a combination of school based learning and weekly taught curriculum sessions, held at Fareham and Gosport Primary SCITT.  The programme will be delivered by the SCITT Director, SCITT lead practitioners and subject experts from the Partner schools.  


The programme and curriculum sequence are designed to support trainee teachers’ understanding of high quality teaching and learning and the relationship between theory and practice and research and evidence.


The SCITT’s approach to trainee teachers’ learning is compatible with that of the University of Roehampton, thereby aiming to offer comparable experiences to trainee teachers.


Within the programme, the University of Roehampton will facilitate elements of the training programme related to assignment introduction and development. 

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