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The ultimate aim of the partnership between Fareham & Gosport Primary SCITT and their Partner Schools is to provide the best possible opportunities across Fareham and Gosport in order to develop outstanding teachers in schools.  


We aim to:


  • ensure all trainee teachers meet the Teachers’ Standards for QTS on completion of the programme

  • inspire trainees to reach the highest standards of education practice in order to be effective qualified teachers, thus enabling children to be successful lifelong learners

  • attract and recruit excellent trainees to meet national and local needs

  • support the recruitment and retention of high calibre teachers

  • equip early career teachers to meet the needs of all children

  • equip early career teachers with exceptional skills in behaviour management

  • develop high quality training, mentoring and assessment expertise within Partner Schools

  • Provide an Initial Teacher Training Programme as part of the three year pathway for early career teachers, in line with the Early Career Framework and ITT Core Content Framework.


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